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Ana Bath Anti-Clog WIDE 6 Inch 3 Function Handheld Shower and Showerhead Combo Shower System with 8 Foot Metal Hose Brushed Nickel Finish SS323224CBN

MSRP: $94.99
Price: $61.99
You Save: $33.00 (35 %)
 3-Function SUPER WIDE 6 Inch Combo Shower System with BRASS CONNECTORS, Brushed Nickel Finish

  Ana Bath Combo Shower System gives you the easiest way to upgrade your shower system without any tool. No power drill, no screwdrivers, no plumbers, just your hands. With the  LARGE 6 inch SPRAY FACE
  & 3 function handheld shower and shower head, you can feel a whole new fantastic shower experience with our water saving shower technology which is another way to save your water bill. The sleek design and
  transitional style fits in any bathroom perfectly.



  1) 1 Handheld Shower (3-function 6" handheld shower)
            ● Rain Spray
            ● Massage Spray
            ● Rain Spray & Massage Spray
            * Flow Rate: 1.63 GPM (Gallon per Minute) / 6.16 LPM (Liter per Minute) @ 80psi

  2) 1 Shower Head with BRASS BALL JOINT (3-function 6" shower head)
            ● Rain Spray
            ● Massage Spray
            ● Rain Spray & Massage Spray
            * Flow Rate: 2.18 GPM / 8.24 LPM @ 80psi

  3) 1 LARGE 3-way diverter mount with BRASS CONNECTOR (Bigger than industry standard)

  4) 8 Ft (96 Inch) Super Long and Super Flexible Stainless Steel hose with BRASS NUTS

            ● Anti-twist BRASS conical nut & BRASS hex nut
            ● Doubled hooked

  5) 1 Anti-leakage Sealant Tape

  6) 1 Instruction Manual

  * Brushed Nickel Finish for Whole Set (Handheld shower, showerhead, 3-way diverter mount, and shower hose)

  * 3 Year Limited Warranty

  * Flow Rate < 2.5 GPM / 9.45 LPM @ Water Pressure of 80 psi meets CSA Standard.
  * Flow Rate < 2.0 GPM / 7.56 LPM @ Water Pressure of 80 psi meets WaterSense Standard.  

  • ANTI-CLOG NOZZLES: Easy to rub clean / Lime & mineral deposit resistant. Easily remove calcium and mineral deposits by pushing nozzles with water on.
  • MODERN SUPER WIDE SPRAY FACE with ERGONOMIC HANDLE: 6 inch wide to provide rainfall spa experience! It’s so relaxing that you won’t want to get out of the shower! Our handheld shower fits your hand comfortably. Transitional style that fits in your bathroom design perfectly!
  • LARGE DIVERTER with BRASS CONNECTOR: Wider than industry standard for sleeker look (no more cramming look)! Turn water to Handheld Shower, Stationary Showerhead, or Both. Shower together or separately. Metal connector provides better durability. 
  • 3 FUNCTION SHOWER HEADS with BRASS BALL JOINT: Switch between 3 functions for different shower experiences. Including Rain Spray / Massage Spray / Massage & Rain Mix. Brass ball joint provides durability.
  • Super Long 8 Ft Super Flexible STAINLESS STEEL Shower Hose with 2 BRASS NUTS: Metal hose and fittings provide better durability. (Shorter Hose is available. Please see model SS3232CBN.)
  • BRUSHED NICKEL FINISH: All parts are electroplated with same finish, especially the metal hose. Unlike most metal hoses in the market using POLISH procedure, Ana Bath metal hose are COATED with the same finish.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: No need to call a plumber. It fits any standard shower arm. You can do it yourself. Even a plumber’s tape is included!