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5-Function 8 Inch BRASS CONNECTOR Mount Shower Set, SS5170BN, PVD Brushed Nickel Finish

Price: $64.99
    5-Function 8 Inch Shower Set, PVD Brushed Nickel Finish
        * HS5170: 1-Function 8" Handheld Shower 
            ● Saturating Spray
            ● Massage Spray
            ● Bubbling Spray
            ● Saturating Spray & Massage Spray
            ● Saturating Spray & Bubbling Spray
        * WB2030: BRASS CONNECTOR Wall Arm Mount
        * S21542: 60" Stainless Steel Shower Hose
                        Double Hooked;
                        Anti-Twist Brass Conical Nut & Brass Hex Nut;
        * PVD Brush Nickel Finish for Whole Set: Handheld Shower, Wall Arm Mount and Shower Hose
          (The additional PVD coating process provides better corrosion resistance, more uniform deposit, brighter, harder, and smoother surface, and is more environmental protected-no harmful chemicals to deposit of.)
        * 3 Year Limited Warranty